A New Nude

I’ve always been interested in doing some type of nude photoshoot in a tasteful way, of course with a fashion influence, however I never came across a photographer with the right aesthetic that aligned with my vision. Finally one day, as I was beyond desperate for social media content, I was gifted with a lovely message from Bobby Augustine who reached out to say that he was interested in shooting me sometime. After viewing his work and his clear elegant perspective for black and white photography, I was immediately inclined to say ‘yes’. Bobby was a pleasure to work with and, surprisingly for my first nude photoshoot, I felt very comfortable around him and taking his direction. I feel Bobby truly captured the best qualities about me and my body and was also so welcoming to the idea of incorporating more of a fashion element than what he’s done with previous subjects. I realize the idea of a nude photoshoot can be perceived as distasteful, but what I really value from this experience is the idea of one distant future day looking back at myself and my body and being proud of who I was at this time in my life. I truly hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

The stylist in me couldn’t help but be so inclined to create an editorial element in the imagery, because of that I chose to style myself in a crisp Studio Nicholson White Chaos Shirt and an Asos Faux Fur Hooded Jacket.

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Z68A0300 copy

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Z68A1672 copy

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