C’est vrai, I’m in Paris! The city I’ve dreamed of visiting ever since I took my first French class when I was 13. I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been exploring around the city and especially what I’ve been wearing.

Paris is an interesting city style-wise and while I thought it would be similar to New York, is very different. In my opinion, New York has this ‘anything-goes’ quality–be as weird as you want. As with most major cities, Paris employs this mentality as well yet with a generalized level of refinement. They’re insanely chic in literally everything they do. I’ll never forget at the beginning of my trip I was about to cross the street somewhere in the 5th Arrondissment and I look across only to find four of the most effortlessly beautiful Parisian women. They were simply dressed with a few edgy qualities–be it an oversized jacket or flat platform sneakers with cool sunnies–minimal makeup and the staple long strategically misplaced hair. I couldn’t look away. I was in awe at how these four strangers didn’t know each other and looked like they could be in a Chloé ad. From an elderly couple to high school teens, there is style inspiration all over this city and I love how they don’t even realize how innate it is.








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