Chanel Cruise 2016

It was a Chanel takeover!  On my final night in Miami I was invited to attend The Webster’s exclusive Chanel Cruise ’16 event. Basically a team of people from Chanel came in the middle of the night and removed The Webster’s current merchandise and replaced it with all Chanel, turning it into a mini Chanel boutique.  It was brilliant!  Clients and press were invited to the event to preview and shop ready-to-wear and accessories from the Cruise 2016 collection.

The vibrant pinks and reds lent a nice pop to The Webster’s dark brown and black color palette.  Everything was Chanel-ized, from the patterned Cruise ’16 floor in the entrance to the tropical cocktail lounge on the second floor.  RTW, handbags, and jewelry were thoughtfully merchandised throughout the store, and there was even a Chanel nail bar!  It was perfection.  The Chanel Cruise 2016 collection itself is very whimsical and playful, and speaks to women’s youth and the girl that once was and still is inside you.






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