The Hair Cure

1 great stylist, 1 great product.

It’s true, my hair was saved the day I found my hair stylist and the subsequent day I discovered the brilliance behind Oribe haircare products.  Whether it be hairstyle or personal style, just as you discover more about yourself as you get older, the same idea can be applied to your style.  Thankfully I’ve always had a good head of locks, don’t get me wrong, but when I moved to Florida my toddler frizzy afro-man beast unleashed!  It’s all about chemistry and discovery, don’t be afraid to play with your hair.  I discovered the right combination between stylist, products, and washing to where I was consistently happy with the look of my do more than ever before.

STEP 1: Find A Stylist You Love

One day I met Master Stylist Jill Johnson and she literally sculpted my head.  It was magic.  She mostly uses a razor and sculpts my curly hair into desirable waves while buzzing the sides and back.  I use the word “sculpt” because she is honestly like an artist sculpting stone.  Each time I see her we play with hair lengths, sometimes making it longer so I can swoop it down in front or sometimes shorter to have it cleaner and airier.  Also, If you’re thinking about playing with color, go for it!  I used to be a dull dirty blonde but, for almost a year now, Jill’s been doing bleach blonde highlights with a golden blonde toner on me.  I have gotten so many compliments on the color that I wish I would have done it sooner.

STEP 2: Find The Right Products

Next comes the products.  Jill always likes to use a pomade after she finishes styling, but mind you this is when my hair has been blown dry.  99% of the time I’m styling my hair right out of the shower.  Because of this I love using hairspray – I have never found one better than Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray.  After my shower I let my hair dry while I’m getting dressed, brush it into the shape I like (knowing it will loosen throughout the day) and spray away.  The way Oribe’s hairspray evenly mists on your hair is a definitive point of difference between luxury and drug store haircare.  Wait a couple hours for your hair to dry and then run your hands through a few times.  What I love about Superfine is that it has the perfect amount of hold but without the crunch.  You’ll notice that as the day goes on your hair will keep its shape and actually get a more interesting and dimensional appearance.  Not to mention its iconic, amazing scent doesn’t hurt the experience.

STEP 3: Discover When To Shampoo

Everyone’s hair is different, but I discovered that day 2 after washing is when my hair looked and worked with me the best.  On day 3 I can’t stand it anymore and have to shampoo again!  I also found that washing my hair at night is optimal, then the next morning I wet it when I shower.  This allows more time for oil production on your hair to build up before having to style it in the morning, ultimately helping maintaining shape and dimension throughout the day.  I also like to condition my hair about once or twice a week to keep it soft and healthy, especially in the winter months.

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