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Balance.  I have a basic principle when it comes to building good personal style, and balance is the infrastructure.  Forward pieces don’t have to be scary, you just have to know how to pair it with something that balances the look.  I feel most often I think about the dichotomy or juxtaposition between each piece in a look (mixing textures, patterns, solid colors), and with every outfit I love to add a bit of sex appeal.  Forward pieces usually have volume or some other element of the avant garde.  Styling that piece with something classic or sexy is a sure-fire way to make it really cool.  If there’s volume on top, wear something tailored on the bottom.  If you’re going for wide leg pants, wear a low cut sexy-something on top.

Simple right?

Also, consider my Rule of One (and sometimes 2) 🙂  Rock 1 trend in a look, not 4.  If studs are cool, wear one studded piece, maybe 2, tops.  Same goes for fur, cutouts, ruffles, fringe, neon, metallics, cartoons, whatever the trend may be.  I’m sure you all know what Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.  She then went on to advising the same for trend pieces!  Just kidding, that was me.  But I’m sure I have her blessing.

This look originated when I found these Topman Navy Wide-Leg Cropped Pants you see I have on.  Not only is the cut of these pants very au courant in both menswear and womenswear, but they weren’t like any other pant I had and I loved the high-fashion feel.  Given their forward nature being wide, cropped, and a bit high-waisted led me to pair them with something classic and sexy, like this crisp Topman White Dress Shirt and a black sheer Jill Sander Cardigan.  I then added some timeless glamour with a pair of patent leather Christian Louboutin Greggo Flats in black, and a bit of modernity and edge with these Dior Sunglasses.

Ladies, I am loving your look-equivilant here!  I found these voluminous Roksanda Black Crepe Kilvin Culottes with pink piping on the pockets that you can pair with a 3.1 Phillip Lim White Cotton Shirt with oversized cuffs and a 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Sheer Cardigan.  As in my look, you can pair this with a classic black leather Christian Louboutin Iriza Pump.  This look is also a great opportunity to include a shoe that has a pop of color or a bit more edgy.


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