On Holiday

On HolidayOn HolidayOn HolidayOn HolidayOn HolidayOn Holiday


I will always remember my first group of British friends saying “oh we’re going on holiday” or “when we were on holiday..”.  It’s such a cooler way of saying I’m ‘going on vacation’, don’t you think?  The Brits were always a bit cooler than us.  Nonetheless it still has that underlying meaning of ‘I’ll be doing nothing, please don’t reach me’.  I’ve been looking forward to this holiday ever since my last vacation last summer, which was only one week in Cali.  Finally!  Three weeks of doing whatever I want, whenever I want after a long and grueling Fall 2016 semester.  I chose to visit my former abode, Sarasota, FL.

For me, beach life is all about ease and patterns.

How do you do cool, effortless, fashion-y, beach-glamour in an edgy-masculine way?  Sounds too complicated for the beach, but that was my question.  For me, beach life is all about ease and patterns.  Ever since I first discovered Baja East, a “loose luxury” globally inspired brand from NYC, I knew it would be my go-to choice for cool beachwear.  With their sexy low-cut fits and unique prints, I also became obsessed with the designs of Blueman swimwear, a Brazilian beachwear label known for luxurious yet fashion-forward designs.  Check out some of my featured looks over this dream holiday below!


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