Pajama Dreams

Ever since moving to New York a few months ago, I had the adverse reaction color-wise to what one may assume would happen when moving to New York — I started wearing more white! I’m not quite sure why this is, but I’ve been loving it all: white on white, white on ivory, white patterns, it all feels good to me right now. Maybe it’s because the city is so dirty and I’m trying to almost purify myself or something. Who knows what subconscious motivators are behind this.

Transcendent of any location however, if one shirt could embody my entire being, it would be this Dolce & Gabbana silk pajama shirt. It’s easy, it’s cool, it’s chic–it says everything without saying anything. The effortless luxury is exuded through the dichotomy between ivory silk satin with black piping and the understated relaxed cut of a pajama shirt. I could not love it more, although writing about it right now is making me fall even deeper.

Due to its transitional quality, I wanted to show how you could do a day-to-night look with pajama shirting. It’s such a clean, classic, gorgeous piece, so I paired it with these mauve colored Adidas joggers I got in Paris last summer to add some edge. For evening, I put the pajama shirt with a dark wash skinny jean to compliment the loose fit and ivory sheen of the shirt, along with my black suede chelsea boots to make it cool and chic.





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