The BASICS on never dressing down

If you don’t physically possess your ripped high school volleyball sweatshirt, you won’t be able wear it, right?

Pep rallies are over and I bet your high school style was terrible.  Mine sure was (Hint: Hollister was desirable and shaggy hair was a thing).  It’s time to turn that ugly varsity tee into a quilt (did you know you could do that?) and invest in some quality basics.

Think about it, if your only options are cool and too much, you are perfectly en pointe.   You can still “oh, I’m just running out” in the same level of lazy, it’s just the only options you’ll have to choose from now have some style to it.

Now I can’t wait to see you in the Produce section!  Let’s squeeze some avos together.

And if this post doesn’t do it, I am WARNING you that your ex, your future ex, your ex-boss, or your future ex-boss is going to be wherever you are going!  So be basic, in some quality basics.

 Invest in some good basic cotton tees and tanks like the ones pictured from LNA or Oak, they’re comfy, easy to wear and always look cool.  Add a scarf, like this Maison Kitsuné one,  for a comfy and easy way to dress up any look.  Throw on a pair of denim shorts by CAMO or jeans by J Brand and pair them with some Rick Owens sneakers or Christian Louboutin espadrilles.

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