WOLFORD: From Helmut Newton to Mario Testino

I finally read my Helmut Newton coffee table book and just in time for the release of Mario Testino’s new Wolford campaign.  This of course enticed me to informally compare the two genius photographers.  When I was an Assistant Womenswear Buyer, I was excited when we started to buy Wolford for our store.  The history and quality of Wolford definitely succeeds the brand as some of the most luxurious body wear in the industry, yet I wonder how iconic the brand would be without their creative campaign collaborations.  If you think Calvin Klein set the bar on risque in the 90s, Helmut Newton for Wolford was a whole other avant-garde ball game.  It’s almost refreshing the level of eroticism that Newton and now Testino bring to these campaigns.  Newton was, of course, known for his black and white photography that was a defining permiation of provocative art and commercial viability.  Mario Testino brings a modern glamour to the suggestive 2014 and 2015 campaigns of this iconic Austrian company, but with a bit more femininity than Newton.



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